A Year to Change Your Mind: Ideas from the Therapy Room to Help You Live Better

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A Year to Change Your Mind: Ideas from the Therapy Room to Help You Live Better

A Year to Change Your Mind: Ideas from the Therapy Room to Help You Live Better

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We keep niggling over mildly aggravating thoughts as if trying to solve a maths problem whose solution seems slightly beyond reach. If you feel a bit off-kilter but not quite bad enough to spend hundreds of pounds on therapy, Maddox’s tips and tricks from the consulting room could be for you. Forgiving imperfections: Embrace mistakes as opportunities for growth and practice self-forgiveness. Break tasks down: Divide larger goals into smaller, manageable tasks to make progress more attainable. Enjoyable activities: Engage in activities that bring you joy and a sense of accomplishment regularly.

Positive affirmations: Create a list of affirmations that focus on your strengths and repeat them daily to reinforce a positive self-image. Challenging self-criticism: Identify self-critical thoughts and challenge them with self-compassionate alternatives. The guiding principle is that clinical psychology isn’t just for fixing dysfunctional situations; you can also use it to improve functional ones. Calmer more experienced minds will be aware of these techniques but they are in a perfect package for a young person.Stress-reducing activities: Develop a list of activities that help you unwind and relax, such as reading, taking a bath, or spending time in nature. Consultant clinical psychologist Dr Lucy Maddox explains how psychological processes thread through our lives, pinpointing those issues most frequently encountered in each month, and shows us how by reflecting upon past experiences, both joyful and painful, and considering evidence-based ideas from the realm of psychology, we can learn to live a more thoughtful, positive life that better prepares us for the future. Boundaries: Establish healthy boundaries to protect your mental wellbeing and maintain balanced relationships. Compassion for self and others: Extend compassion to yourself and others, recognizing that everyone makes mistakes and deserves understanding. I imagine young people leaving home for uni or heading out into the world of their first job will really benefit from the lessons in this book.

Supportive self-talk: Provide yourself with the support and encouragement you would offer a friend in challenging times. She doesn’t show off at all – you can just deduce from her manner on the page that she’s someone you’d want on your team in a crisis. It’s a good idea to try to do something about these things, however insignificant your efforts might feel. It felt very repetitive and some chapters were way too long as some ideas and suggestions needed only one or two pages instead of 20 which there was generally one idea per month/chapter.Corvus Atlantic’s commercial fiction list which includes women’s, historical, romance, sci-fi, crime and thriller. Self-care practices: Engage in activities that nurture your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing regularly.

I don't think I'm a fan of the structure of the chapters, I'd prefer if each chapter was titled after the problem/idea/solution/story/theory/strategy/etc which would make the book easier to navigate as a reference. Empathetic listening: Practice active listening when others share their thoughts and feelings with you. genuinely useful, charming, comforting' - Guardian 'Compelling, warm and authoritative' - Viv Groskop, bestselling author of Lift As You Climb 'A compassionate book filled with useful tips to help us through life' - Claudia Hammond, bestselling author of The Key to Kindness Help yourself to live a better life in 2023 Psychology underpins everything we do, determining the decisions we make, the relationships we build, the roles we play and the places we live, and our behaviour is further influenced by the changing seasons, encouraging many of us to fall into unhelpful patterns again and again each year. She alludes to the hardcore problems she confronts in her work with young people in hospital settings, not to set up an us-and-them hierarchy of suffering, but to show what we can learn from people who face serious battles with their inner and outer circumstances.

Flexibility exercises: Practice adapting to changes in your daily routine to enhance cognitive flexibility. I really enjoyed this read which is set out in 12 different themes addressing challenges we face in each month of the year. Positive social circle: Surround yourself with positive and supportive individuals who uplift your spirits. A Year to Change Your Mind was written during the pandemic and is suffused with an air of staying calm while the world is having a freakout.

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