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Batman: The Black Mirror

Batman: The Black Mirror

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I really love that, in efforts to truly differentiate his Batman from Bruce's, Dick flies over the city on ziplines similar to a trapeze artist. While both seem to remark about the darkness of Gotham, the story really takes off near the end between the Joker showing up to add his particular brand of mayhem and Jim Jr. What I've been thinking about Batman lately (assuming, as you should, that I am always thinking about Batman in some way or another) is that Batman might be over. For years, Batman and Commissioner Gordon have stared into the unyielding black abyss that is Gotham City. Francesco Francavilla’s artwork in Commissioner Jim Gordon’s side of the story concerning his story are always shown in dark colorings and has a slight 80s artwork vibe which really brought a classic vibe to this story.

Bruce Wayne is back, but he’s busy off shores establishing his idea of “Batman Incorporated”, a global force of Batmen, financed by Wayne Enterprises to help local police departments around the world. Tim Drake and Lucius Fox create a mask that allows Dick to sneak in by giving him a mask that lets him impersonate William Rhodes. Die Stories sind wunderbar noir mit den bekannten stilistischen Mittel, vielen Monologen, Femmes Fatales,langen konteplativen Pausen zwischendurch, wer das Genre mag im Zusammenhang mit Batman und die Superheroics weg lasen kann,wird feinste Unterhaltung bekommen. An abnormally large orca was found in Gotham Global Modern Bank, but Gotham City's police could not find out why due to someone tampering the cameras.

This is all a very long, complicated way of saying The Black Mirror reads like a well-made graphic novel that was meant to be read like a graphic novel. However, the story isn’t perfect, while it was good to see how much elements from the past of everyone was resurfacing, I think that if the storyline would have focused on the main element which makes the climax of it, the whole storyline may be shorter but more solid. There are epic tales of the Bruce Wayne Batman that everyone mentions: The Killing Joke, The Dark Knight, Year One, The Long Halloween, the list goes on and on. And this novel is the perfect tribute to many years of great (and not so fabulous) Batman storylines.

The Dealer outs him immediately and reveals that he's sabotaged the gas mask, commanding his followers to tear Batman apart while he's subjected to hallucinogenic nerve gas. Dick infiltrates the auction where the head of the auction Etienne Guiborg finds out Dick is spying on them and tells the rest of the people to kill him.The younger James is popularly suspected of being a criminal, and Barbara "Still Oracle" Gordon suspected him of even being a serial killer, although there was never any proof. The moods these guys set elevate this book from good to masterful without making me feel like it's forced.

Its a great mystery volume and lives up to its name and has Dick do a lot of detective work and I like how Barbara and Jim Gordon were involved and involving Tim was cool too and his relationship with Tim and how he approaches being Batman but the villains introduced are awesome and showing two facets to them. Joker is being shipped off to Arkham Asylum while Commissioner Gordon meets up with Leslie Thompkins to ask how is James Gordon Junior doing. Though intimately familiar with Gotham's horrific landscapes and feels personally obliged to protects its people, Dick never felt that he belonged in this city of nightmares and most of his character conflict stems from the fact that he's a bird constantly trying to be imprisoned in a cage by forces which he could not always comprehend but nonetheless fights back with much vigor and resilience. James Gordon manages to deduce the Peter Pan killer as Roy Blount because Roy had met the children because of his cleaning business and has burns on his arm and neck.While it was coming out in the monthlies, Black Mirror received such high praise that I knew 1) I would have to read it and 2) there would be something wrong with it. I also loved the relationship shown between Commissioner Jim Gordon and Dick Grayson as Jim Gordon holds the same respect for Dick that he held for Bruce Wayne. He has also been published in Zoetrope , Tin House , One-Story , Epoch , Small Spiral Notebook , and other journals, and has a short story collection, Voodoo Heart , which was published by Dial Press. Helpless and trapped in the deadly Mirror House, Batman must fight for his life against one of Gotham City's oldest and most powerful evils.

When he turns back, he’s shocked that Dick is still there instead of disappearing in the middle of the conversation like Bruce does.Jock's art and illustrations of Dick gliding across pages or diving into places remind you that this is the Robin we all love and who is now all grown-up and yet someone who remains as an adventurous aviator who longs for freedom and can only achieve it when he's flying over the dark city he is bound to serve. Only the Joker-and-wheelchair part was addressed here, the Batwoman part I was told by another comicbook reader. Once again involving some of the wider Bat family, this time it's Grayson's Batman and the Gordons who have to face the ultimate depravity of a human gone wrong in the pervasive darkness and corruption of Gotham.

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