Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (Xbox 360)

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Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (Xbox 360)

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (Xbox 360)

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Although Spider-Man: Web of Shadows shares several aspects with earlier Spider-Man games, there are significant distinctions, including, for example, no movie link.

The game takes place in a continuity where Mac Gargan isn’t Venom, Eddie Brock isn’t a cancer victim/Anti-Venom (but his costume looks like the Mac Gargan version, oddly enough), Luke Cage either wasn’t an Avenger or doesn’t know Spider-Man is Peter Parker (but is perfectly okay with letting his wife run around killing symbiotes while she has a broken arm)… well, you get the point. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Spider-Man: Web of Shadows for Xbox 360. There are some exploration elements and hidden rooms, but you'll usually be moving from left to right while punching and kicking an assortment of thugs and symbiote-infected citizens.Thanks to the symbiote suit potentially influencing his actions, however, Spidey will be put into the position of having to make several different choices across the course of his campaign, all of which will ultimately influence the fate of New York, and while Spidey himself might not be willing to make the difficult choices, his symbiote will often have no such qualms. Points awarded during battle can be used across unique paths to upgrade the Red Suit and Black Suit, allowing players complete control over the style and moves they take into combat. For example, there are several weak walls which can only be destroyed by the black suited Spider-Man. This all-new Spider Man game involves exploring New York City as the web-slinging wall-crawler, taking on classic Marvel Comics foes with a group of familiar allies. Alliances with Marvel's greatest heroes and most notorious villains hold consequences, as heroic and vigilante paths hold different destinies.

I thought the web slinging around and fighting would be quite fun, but its so awful, the graphics are detailed, but for some reason it doest work. Like in the other versions, Spider-Man has both his traditional red and blue suit and his symbiote black suit, which the player can switch between at any time during gameplay and which offer different playstyles (the red suit provides faster movement and attacks, whereas the black suit is slower, but has more devastating attacks).Character models are highly detailed and animate well, while the city has some extra textural passes that make it feel a bit more gritty and realistic. To me, the character, in simple terms, represents the Charlie Brown of the superhero set; his life isn’t always perfect, and he has to deal with the same stupid stuff everyone has to deal with in addition to his superhero problems, but in the end, he’s something of a normal guy, and the reader can identify with that. In addition, reviewers criticized the storyline's poor execution, bothersome camera controls, the inability to free-roam after completing the main storyline, lip-syncing issues and the subpar graphics. Every 1-2 minutes you'll notice the game seems to freeze for a half second and then starts up again. The combat is much more explosive than any other Spider-Man game, but that's about the only real difference here.

These sections function similarly to the moral choices in the console and PC version, and can have a major impact on the game's story. While doing so, Spider-Man learns of the Tinkerer's plan to spread the infestation to other countries, and has the option to redirect a train full of symbiotes towards Cage to make his own travel through the city easier. After releasing either Jameson or his clone, Spider-Man defeats Rhino, who was hired to guard the lab, and escapes with the vibranium. The reputation bar also affects which allies Spider-Man can summon during fights: at high reputation levels, superheroes such as Luke Cage, Moon Knight, and Wolverine can be summoned, whereas at low reputation levels, only villains like Black Cat, Vulture, Rhino, and Electro will come to Spider-Man's aid. Although the player is unable to free-roam after the storyline's completion, this can be achieved through a secret method, which has the player watch the credits twice.In other words, it gets to the point where all of New York is invaded by a symbiote horde that takes control of citizens, and its up to Spider-Man to team up with who's left, and stop them. Now, in fairness, more than a few of the terrible games based on the character were thanks to Acclaim, but even after Activision picked up the license, a few stinkers hit the ground running. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Spider-Man: Web of Shadows -- Amazing Allies Edition Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Spider-Man Web of Shadows Head-To-Head Get help swinging your way onto the right console.

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